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ArgoOur most demanded system. Argo provides WiFi connectivity within a 30-meter radius. Just connect to the power supply and in less than 5 minutes, ARGO starts automatically, checks its connectivity and links to our remote monitoring system. 100% customized according to the client's operational needs. QoS, transaction tracking, application optimization, etc...

hidraHIDRA was created to support multiple Internet connection technologies: ADSL, 3G, 4G, HDSPA, satellite, FTTH, dark fiber, etc... Its load balancing system allows being independent of the technology connection in the venue, making possible to be used with multiple operators and methods of access. It is the main foundation for the events internet. Its ability to be controlled remotely guarantees that even the most strict professional gets satisfied.

UlisesOur most powerful system. Following the footsteps of HIDRA, ULISES performs load balancing between multiple technologies and operators, but includes equipment that works in HA (High Availability) that allow us to guarantee the correct perform even with a 50% drop in the electronic equipment.

POP UP NETWORKS "Pop Up" Networks are ephemeral telecommunication structures. Networks that are built in record time and, once the event is over, are dismantled. These networks can be used simply for connections of the Internet, or are either built to incorporate a plethora of value-added services designed by the event's production.

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Innova Global is a telecommunications solutions company specialized in the development and implementation of technological elements in the field of musical events, sports and congresses.

Our work stands out for the quality of service, adaptability to the organizational structures of production and reliability in our information technology systems, as well as the knowledge resulting from the experience of many years of work in the sector.